Welcome To InAJeep!

This site is something that has been in the works since around 2003 I think. I purchased the domain and wanted to put together a reference for other guys out there that are building their Jeeps. I went through a restoration on my 1982 Jeep CJ-7 (pictured below) from August 2002 to December 2003, which I document in the “’82 CJ-7 Buildup” section above… then in 2010 I got a 5.3L Chevy Vortec motor and have begun the swap of that…and all of the associated projects that have come along with that major project on the “5.3L Motor Swap” section above… please check it out and let me know what you think by sending me an email to CJaredo7 at in a jeep dot com!

SITE UPDATED 4-26-2012, look at the “5.3L Motor Swap” menu above for the new additions in several sections!!!!

While the primary purpose of this site was just to show what I went through, I’m now planning on using this site as a place to put updates of other projects being done or planned for my Jeep as well.   Currently,(as of 8-1-12) the Jeep is sitting in the garage WITH a 5.3, running like a beast!!…I sold the old 258 straight 6 and the old TF-999 automatic to make room for a new V8, of which I originally planned to use a Chevy 5.0L (305 c.i.d.) V8 with natural aspiration… but ended up finding out that I basically wasted $1000 on that motor because whoever had it before me did a good job of covering up a crack in the side of the block that I couldn’t see when I saw the motor in the truck…and although it ran, I knew it was going to need a little work, like a hone job… well come to find out much later on that the block was basically toast, so I had to set out on a new plan.  With the new plan came new dreams, a newer V8 and fuel injection…and maybe a 4-speed automatic so I can drive it on the highway without hitting 3000 rpm!!

Please bear with me as I try to complete updating the site with information on what I’m doing for my Chevy 5.3L motor swap… CLICK HERE to view some of the information about the swap that I finished!

This is what the jeep looked like when I got it:

Click the image to see a bigger view! 

Be sure to checkout the original buildup project Jeep CJ-7.  You can click here to see the original buildup project that I started in late 2001 and finally got on the road in the first week of November 2003.  I documented the restification project of my 1982 Jeep CJ-7 Laredo.  I hope this helps you if you’re in the middle of a Jeep restoration project of your own!