The CJ Build – Prepping the Body for Paint

Prepping the body for the primer

I decided to do as MUCH as I possibly could with the paint on this rig, I almost was going to go ahead and actually spray the color, but since I didn’t have a dust proof room to do it in, I thought I’d take it over to the guy that straightened the frame for me…since he’s a registered dupont paint guy and has the slickest operation in my area…and he’s actually known for being the best in most of the state and elsewhere…has had several vehicles in magazines…I figured I’d let him do the finish part..and I’d tackle the body work and priming and sanding myself.

First thing was getting the warps and bumps out of the body..and fixing the hood where it was all dented up from the tree hitting it and grinding all the old paint off the metal so I could get a good base coat of primer and also have plenty of surface area for the bondo to grab to.

Starting on the passengers front corner, I got rid of the antenna hole and bondoed it over smooth and also filled in a couple of bumpy spots to make them all smoothed out nicely.

Next moving on, went to the passengers side in front of the rear wheel well, there was a bit of rust that had eaten a small hole through the metal where the fender flares mount, so I had to patch that area up too. I also wanted to fill the holes where the factory side step was, on the sahara YJ’s they mounted this huge step on the rocker panels and consequently had drilled lots of holes there, so it looked bad to me, and eventualy I’m gonna have my own rocker guards there, but until then I wanted it to be smoothed over nicely:

Moving on again…we come to the rear passengers corner, where I had smoothed over the mount that holds the tire carrier/tailgate bump stop.

Then I did a little patch work on the tailgate, right in the middle there was a dent that irritated me a little…so I smoothed it over as well:

Now we come to the spot that I am excited to show you…where we filled in the old YJ fuel filler… check it out now. Coming along nicely eh? Hey at least its not a huge hole anymore, and trust me it will look good when I get this part done.

Next moving on…all the way up to the drivers front corner of the tub there was a pretty badly waved spot there….had to do some hammering and then smooth it out with more bondo. I know it doesn’t look good here, but this was before I sanded it down and got it smooth enough for primer:

Lastly, I had to get the dent in the hood fixed…. I didn’t get a picture of it with the bondo on it, but I took the grinder to it first and then put it on the jeep so I could work on the bondo part while it was high up and even so I could compare the two sides and make sure it evened out nicely.

OK, so that about does it for the body work…time to prime the thing now!

Continue On With Priming for Paint…

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