The CJ Build – Putting a CJ Tailgate on a YJ Tub

CJ tailgate on a YJ tub

Ok, so, while the tub was on it’s side, this is the best time to notch out those holes so I can get the brackets up in the back side of the tub for the CJ hinges. I just made a mark on the tub where I wanted to cut, and cut it out with my dremel tool.

Here’s the cut result on the passengers side:

Ok, so now that I got the holes ready for the brackets to slip up there… time to get the body on the Jeep! Once I got the body on…I temporarily put the tailgate on and held it on with a C-clamp to where I could measure and know exactly where the holes should go for the hinges. (This shot has some stuff in it that was done between the time of the holes cut above and the installation of the actual tailgate, you’ll see more in the pages following this)

Alright….tailgate turned out pretty good! I just gotta get the tailgate cleaned up and painted along with the rest of the Jeep to really appreciate it!

Continue On With Fixing The Frame Mounts…

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