The CJ Build – Fresh Paint!


It’s been a long time coming… I finally was able to drive it over to the paint shop and have them do their work on it. After spending hundreds of hours of time on this thing…I was letting someone else do something on it! I’m glad though, because here’s how it turned out when I got it home:

Look at the kid in front of the jeep in this next picture… he was staring me down when I started taking pictures of it…it was hilarious, he couldn’t stop lookin at the jeep!

SO at this point, I was seriously pleased with the whole project and I can’t wait to do another one!!! Very hard work, but well worth the effort, once I saw the jeep looking like this it made me thrilled! Here’s a shot of it with the gray soft top on it.

So what does it look like now?

Click here to see what it looks like now (more or less)…

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