The CJ Build – Body Tub Replacement and Repair

Fixing The Holes In The CJ Tub

OH ………..NO…….. I got the top off, and finally got the rollbar off…and look what I saw while looking down in the tub floor where the rollbar used to be mounted:



Yeah, that white area….thats looking at the garage floor where the sun was shining…. HUGE holes in the worst area…. what to do now? Even the subfloor channels were almost eaten completely through, this stinks! So I guess I’ll just get some new metal and get it welded in the floor in these areas and see how it goes from there.



Ok, so at this point…I decided to leave the tub on and just start by putting a new suspension kit on it. I figured that the tub was decent enough at this point to go ahead and worry about the drivetrain and suspension and not bother with going from the frame up. You can see in the pic above that the new floorboards had been welded in and are looking much better now… (well, not MUCH, but at least you can’t see daylight through there right?)

Continue On With The Lift Kit Install…

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