The CJ Build – Fixing Frame Mounts

More YJ body swap stuff… (fixing the frame mounts)

Ok, so the body is off the frame… again. I had to get the body mounts on the frame squared away before I could bolt it on for good. There are a few things here to deal with that I want to make you aware of.

1. The body mounts directly in front of the REAR wheels will either have to be moved forward..or you’ll have to drill and tap new holes in the body. I opted to move the frame mounts forward instead for two reasons. First, I like having as much room as possible between the wheels and anything near them. Second, the place on the body where it would need to be drilled out is VERY close to an edge of the metal and on top of that, I’d have to weld in a nut….why bother if I’m gonna weld anyway?

Here’s a snapshot of the relocated body mount on the passengers side:

Here’s the mount along with the body lift I got recently after I figured out I was going to have to swap bodies anyway…I went with a daystar 1″ lift.

2. The body mounts on the rear crossmember will have to be elongated about 3 inches OUT (in about 1.5 inches on each side) to fit the YJ tub mounting points. Here’s what I did…. I put the body on the frame and got under it and marked with a nail punch where the bolt was going to have to go through the crossmember. Then got out my dremel tool and went to work. It looks ugly…but with a big washer like supplied in the daystar kit, it actually worked out fine and is still plenty strong.

Here’s the finished mount…worked fine I think.

Continue On To The Other Tub Swap Issues…

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