The CJ Build – LED Tail Lights Upgrade

Finishing things up

Installing LED taillights and stuff…

At this point in the project…it was time to start wrapping up the little things, like putting in the seat so I could at least drive it to the paint booth, and putting in the rollbar, the tailgate back on… stuff like that. I also had to cut in the LED taillights and actually hook them up for good (temporarily until the paint was applied of course) and fixing some stuff like the dented hood, since I didn’t really want to try to buy another hood for $300 from any online Jeep shops and the local yard didn’t have one, and even on ebay it would have been well over 100 bucks for a hood in good shape not including shipping.

Here’s what the jeep looked like at this point:

Ok, so it’s starting to look like SOMETHING finally… Even if it’s stupid looking with the little tires and the lift..I had to take it for a spin around the block… FUN FUN!

So I cut in the tail lights…the ones I got are LED, and contain 15 LEDs actually (per light) and these things use the newest HP LEDs that are SUPER bright… they are also a little different than most taillights you’ll see out there because they’re not red, not until you step on the brake or flip on a turn signal that is.

Had to get a glimpse of what it was going to look like… I got the chrome rings, but ended up putting the black rings on it because I’m not really that into “bling” on my rig… not that there’s anything wrong with it, I just wanted it to look more simple. So, I used my jigsaw and cut the holes from the templates that I made using cardboard… after measuring 3 times I cut it once and then used the dremel tool to clean up the edges, like every other thing I had done to this point. Here’s the result:

Here’s another view with the lights actually mounted temporarily:

OK, now that I had that taken care of…it was time to get ready for paint!

Continue with the Body Prep for Paint…

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