The CJ Build – Other Tub Swap Issues

More YJ body swap stuff…

(fixing the gas filler hole and defroster duct issues)

The YJ gas tank filler hose is on the opposite side as where it is on a CJ…so you have a couple of options here. 1. You can modify your filler hose or maybe flip your gastank possibly to get it to work on the same side as it is nomally on the YJ (driver side). 2. You can cut a new filler hole on the passenger side and fit your CJ filler as it normally would be.

I opted for number 2…but this presents a couple of other options with what to do with the hole that is currently in the tub for the YJ filler. 1. leave the hole there and modify it or make use of it by retrofitting an air hose connector or something else there, like maybe a backup light or …. 2. fill that area with metal and make it look like the CJ did normally…smooth. I opted for number 2 again… so basically I was going to cover one hole and make another.

Ok, first things first…duplicate the current hole on the opposite side of the tub. I took measurements based on the seam lines that were obvious….just duplicated it. I also took my sheet metal that I was going to use to fill the YJ side hole and placed it behind that hole to stencil out the filler….as noted in the picture below:

Ok, so I got that metal all cut out with my snips and then had it ready to weld in…. that process was fairly easy..had a friend come over and weld it in for me because at this point I didn’t have my own welder. We used a bit of metal to use as something for the weld to grab to in the backside of it… it came out awesome after grinding a little bit.

Doesn’t look super great in that picture, but after grinding it down and all…it came out PERFECT and it’s not noticeable at all after the paint went on…even gloss black paint!

OK, so now it’s all about cutting out the hole on the passengers side for the CJ filler to hook up to. Easy stuff. I used my metal blade jigsaw… the sawzall was too thick a blad for the tight curves in this type of cut…so the jigsaw worked really well. Then I took my dremel tool and cleaned up the cuts and got rid of the burrs really easy. Here is what it ended up looking like:

Ok, so the final product looked like follows:

Pretty easy deal if you ask me!

Ok, one last problem to deal with on the CJ side of things when you swap to a YJ tub… what to do about the defroster duct? On the CJ, the duct work goes THROUGH the top of the cowl seal… on the YJ it goes in FRONT of the cowl seal. Well, I’m using my CJ ductwork, partly cause I don’t like the YJ dash and partly cause I am a minimalist…I like SIMPLE stuff…so I’m going for a simple looking dash, nothing on it except some gauges and pull levers and switches for heaters . Ok, so I have to cut holes in the top of the cowl… this is kind of tricky because the YJ cowl in this area is actually SLIMMED down… so that requires a little trickery.

First thing I did was go to a CJ tub, take a piece of cardboard and hold it down on top of that thing and stencil out my holes for the proper distance and size. Now that I had that…it was time to transfer that to the YJ tub cowl. Here’s a look at the stencil before cutting the holes in the top of the YJ cowl.



So, I had the distance and all…but how did I put it on there and cut it? this was a little tricky too…the cowl metal is double or triple thick compared to the rest of the body…the cowl is actually the strongest part of the jeep body, so I didn’t want to hack it up and have to go over it again making things weaker.

I don’t know what happened to the picture of the top after I cut it, but here’s something that will give you an idea of how it was done…

Hopefully by looking at that you can see that it’s important NOT to cut the front part of the cowl out… yes, this makes it appear that your holes for the CJ ducts will be smaller, but in all reality, they aren’t..because from here, you will hold up the ducts to this and NOTCH them in the spaces marked RED…then they’ll slide up into the cowl and you can THEN take a drill and drill the holes for the screws to hold them in, marked in BLUE. Make sense? I thought so!

I think that about sums it up as far as the issues go for the tub swap. At least what I remember anyway… I’ll add more to this if I think of anything in the future. Hopefully this will help you guys out some!

Continue On With The Wiring Harness…

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