The CJ Build – Priming the Body for Paint

Priming the body for the paint booth!

It’s November 2003 at this point and on the 5th of November…we got a special delivery, this put a little damper on the Jeep work…but hey, I wasn’t complaining at ALL…

My son, Grant…. welcome home buddy!

ok, I’m getting tired of working on this Jeep and want it to be DONE!!! OH MAN we’re getting so close now…I’m actually having so much fun at this point in the process I forget how much work it was. This priming stuff is HARD work! No wonder they charge so much for it!

Ok, so I turned my garage into a priming booth… nothing fancy needed for this really, just get a good HVLP gravity feed paint gun and a compressor, and lots of plastic drop sheets, start masking the heck out of things and park any other cars FAR away from where you’re working…and turn on a fan in the garage to get some air circulation. Oh yeah, don’t be an idiot, get a good respirator with rechargable filters and save your lungs!

Ok, so get that thing ready… I just wrapped the drop sheets around specific parts of the body that I didn’t want any overspray on and used duck tape to put it on there…here’s what it looked like in the ready to prime state the night before I started priming it:

Another view of it from the back side now…

Ok, this bad boy is ready for primer now… I used Dupont primer as suggested by the guy applying the paint to it…and sprayed on about 6 coats of primer with 15 minutes between flash coats and after the first 3 flash coats I let that dry overnight and then came back the next day, sanded down a little on the first 3 and then applied 3 more flash coats. Here are a bunch of pictures of the process:

Ok Check this out…. remember the dent in the hood? It was on the drivers side…(bottom right of the view of the front) right on the corner over the drivers side headlight on the curved part of the hood it was dented in by about 2, almost 3 inches.. look at it here!

I was pretty happy with that job! Which brings me to the next part where I got really happy…. checkout the back side of the jeep where the YJ fuel filler used to be!

Another view of the rear…. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Here’s the last shot of the primed Jeep, ready to go get a new coat of DuPont Chroma Premiere classic black and 3 coats of clear:

I spent about 17 hours block sanding the body of the Jeep, trying my hardest to make sure the thing was ready to be driven in the booth and sprayed with little to no work from the guys at the shop. OHHHHHH I was sore the next day!

Continue On With The Paint Job…

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