The CJ Build – Steering Box Bracket Install

Steering Box and Bracket Install

At this point it’s important to note… BE SURE you have LOTS of good garage music to groove to…and plenty of fluid to drink :). Ok, on to the rest of the restification process!

I figured since I had just finished doing the front end, now was a good time to install the steering components that I purchased for upgrades and other reasons. I got a high strength steering box bracket from MORE…this thing is AMAZINGLY thick and strong… blows away the stock two piece bracket setup…and with this thing I don’t see the need to get a brace for it…I just painted it with POR and bolted it to the frame. It came with grade 8 hardware….nice!



Speaking of the steering box, I got the Superbox 2 and Superpump from AGR…. the steering box has variable rate turning so the more you turn it the faster it turns…. and the pump is supposed to be a perfect match (of’s from the same company) because it pumps a much higher rate than the stock steering pumps do…I don’t remember the stats on it but it is definately good stuff. Here it is installed to the bracket and on the frame…look how stout the bracket is!

That bracket installs with 5 bolts to the frame….it’s not going ANYWHERE and I believe the strength of the bracket is enough to cause the frame to bend before it breaks. SWEET!

Checkout the matching power steering pump setup with new-style reservoir on my 5.3L motor swap page here!

Continue On With The Steering Shaft Upgrade…

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