The CJ Build – Steering Shaft Install

Steering Shaft Install

I shopped around a bit for a steering shaft and decided on a flaming river shaft based on the stuff I’d read about them and the fact that it was about 10 bucks cheaper than the borgeson. 🙂 I am actually very glad I got the FR was a breeze to get installed and is TIGHT and smooth…. and REALLY solid!

Ok, so how to install it? Well, easy really…just get your steering colum in the position it’s going to be in and make sure that and the steering box are in the proper mounting locations and then put the joints on both of them…the u-joints that come with the FR shaft are EXTREMELY tough and made of billet aluminum… they are slick to say the least :). So here’s the points where I measured to to get the correct length of the shaft in NORMAL position of no flex 🙂

The steering column side:

And the steering BOX side:

Ok, so now I knew how long I had to have my shaft to work in the unflexed position… how’d I cut it? It’s a collapsable shaft…so how do you get that part figured out? Simple…just figure out how much ‘give’ the shaft collapses in TOTAL, divide that in half and mark it out. Start off by collpasing the shaft all the way and marking it.

Next….completely extend the shaft and measure the distance between the collapsed mark and where the collapsed mark originally was at when it was marked as illustrated below…it is exactly 2 inches here (good thing cause they advertised it as a two inch collapse!).

Ok, so now that we know it’s 2 inches, mark it at ONE inch and then collapse it to that mark….then measure out your total length and CUT the longer side…(in this case it was the side where all the marks were on). Once you have that done…it’s a snap to install! Here is the final outcome:

Again…I was very pleased with the outcome on this!

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