The CJ Build – Ford Taurus Cooling Fan Upgrade

Electric fan install/upgrade from stock fan clutch system

(from a Ford Taurus 3.8L)

I had decided a while before I got to this point that I wanted to do an electric fan for several reasons that I had read about…

  1. The ability to shut it off/on at the flick of a switch is nice.
  2. The increased horsepower/effeciency of the engine without having to drag because of the increased load of the fan clutch being ALWAYS on.
  3. I can turn it off if I go through high water crossings and save my radiator from being chewed up by the fan.
  4. It’s stinkin cool!

After seeing the prices of the black magic fans and all the flexalite fans…I almost gave up on the idea of an electric altogether…then I read about guys taking the electric fans out of old Ford Taurus’ with the 3.8L that had two speeds… Ah-HA! Excellent idea! This same fan can be had in Lincoln vehicles and also mercury vehicles… They actuall outperform the black magic fans and most every other electric fan out on the a lot. And the coolest part is, they’re DIRT cheap at salvage yards or on ebay! I looked on ebay and got mine for 40 bucks…I think it was about 50 bucks after shipping and it was in like new condition. NICE!

Well, it’s great, but how do I mount it to my Jeep? And how do I wire it? How will it affect my alternator and all? Also, I was a bit baffled at this point…thinking I would have to fabricate some sort of brackets to hold it in place (which is STILL a good idea even though I installed it differently) and buy some sort of really expensive control system to get it to work right… time for more research.

After seeing how other people were wiring them up..I came up with this schematic on how I wanted to wire mine up:

The parts I used on this were as follows (from what I remember):

  • Hayden Imperial adjustable fan controller PN: 226204-123647 (c. $30.00)
  • Bosch High Power Motor Relay PN: 0-332-002-156 at waytek wire
  • 1N5408 diode (to keep from burning up a relay from fan “free-spin “
  • basic DPDT switch
  • Lots of different gauge wire
  • Hayden Imperial radiator mounts (they’re almost like zip-ties to hold the fan on the radiator, they actually work quite well)

So I purchased all this stuff…had my wiring diagram and I was ready to tackle the project!

I got my radiator out of the Jeep again and proceeded to put the fan on the radiator to see where I needed to trim the edges of the fan shroud. The taurus fan comes with a self contained shroud..very nice and it makes quick work of installing it with the radiator mounts from Hayden. Here’s a picture of the fan mounted to the radiator after the measuring to make sure it wouldn’t hit anything based on where I wanted to put it. (you need to make sure you’re not gonna hit the fan clutch pulley or anything else in front of the motor!)

Another view:

Ok, now it’s time to put it in the rig! I lowered it in and bolted the radiator up like it normally goes in..and BOY is it a close fit between the fan motor and the fan clutch pulley!

Ok, not a whole lot of play there…I’ll just have to keep an eye on that and make sure nothing weird happens..or it will be time to buy a new fan!

Here’s another shot of how close the fan is to the pulley:



The wiring of the thing went pretty easy really…follow the diagram above and it’s a no-brainer! WORKS PERFECT and it cools down the jeep extremely well. I have the fan currently only wired on 1 speed… LOW, and I tell ya, it is more than enough to cool the jeep on that low setting alone. If you stand in front of the jeep with a loose t-shirt on, when that fan turns on, your shirt will start going toward it!

You can kinda see in the picture below where the wiring was for the fan install… it’s wired exactly like the diagram above and I can tell ya it works GREAT and the hayden imperial controller is thermostatically controlled…so you have a temp sensor you have to locate. I put mine right as close as possible to the return on the radiator, you see it marked in the picture.

Ok, well, that about wraps it up I think for the fan install… works like a charm, and I tested it by lighting a match under the temp sensor and it came on within a couple of seconds…SWEET! (you can set the temp it comes on at, btw) HOORAY, another project complete!!!

Check out what I did with the Taurus fan, an aluminum radiator and my new 5.3L Chevy Vortec motor here!

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