Well, that escalated quickly…

Well the Jeep head gasket project is temporarily put on hold because when I pulled up to the house after work on Friday I noticed the hood up on my wifes Expedition….so I was informed that apparently there was a coolant leak and it was squirting enough over behind the passengers side of the block (5.4 Triton) that it was dripping on the exhaust manifold…so I promptly pulled it in the garage and have decided to tear it down to figure out what is going on.

Let me say, FORD did a TERRIBLE job of designing these motors, they are NOT conducive to work on at all for a home wrencher.  Lucky for me, I’m tenacious and determined to save a few bucks by doing it myself.  I”m guessing for someone else to pull the intake manifold off and all of that crap it would cost $1000 or more from a shop, but who has 2 thumbs and ISN’T going to pay that kind of fee?  You guessed, it, THIS GUY.

So I began the teardown of the motor tonight and we have it all the way down to where the only thing holding the intake manifold on the block is the fuel line, because I didn’t have the clip to release the fitting from the fuel rail.  SO, after church tomorrow I’ll head over to Oreilly auto parts and grab one of those gizmos, along with a new manifold gasket kit and probably a few other things that I’ve needed to grab lately like Oil and Antifreeze…..then I’ll head home and get the thing off and try to figure out where the spray is coming from behind the mess.  I’ll post a picture maybe in the morning… for now I’m headed to bed cause I’m exhausted from bending over the front of that Expedition all day.